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  • 2018年7月8日(日) 22時06分 総合


    【Hot Menu Choice】

    M-1 Another Day In Grey PartⅡ / Hollywood Monsters
    (AL「Capture The Sun」)

    M-2 As Long As I Have You / Roger Daltrey

    M-3 Certified Rose / Roger Daltrey
    (M-2 & 3 AL「As Long As I Have You」)

    M-4 Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow / The Damned
    (AL「Evil Spirits」)

    M-5 Dazy Bones / Rat Scabies(AL「P.H.D.」)

    M-6 Shrinking Man / Ry Cooder(AL「Prodigal Son」)

  • 2018年7月1日(日) 23時03分 総合


    【Special Garden】☆Blackfoot Sue

    M-1 Standing In The Road / Blackfoot Sue

    M-2 Glittery Obituary / Blackfoot Sue
    (M-1&2 Album「Nothing To Hide」)

    M-3 Bye Bye Birmingham / Blackfoot Sue

    M-4 Don’t Leave Me Tonight / Outside Edge
    (Album「Running Hot」)

    M-5 F.O.D / Blackfoot Sue(Album「Red On Blue」)

    M-6 Corrie / Blackfoot Sue(Album「Standing In The Road」)

  • 2018年6月24日(日) 19時45分 総合


    【Special Garden】

    ☆「The Best Of & Rarities」Plastic Penny

    M-1 Everything I Am / Plastic Penny

    M-2 Hound Dog / Plastic Penny

    M-3 Strawberry Fields Forever / Plastic Penny


    M-4 Wooly Bully / Smithereens

    M-5 Well Alright / Smithereens

    M-6 I Want To Tell You / Smithereens

  • 2018年6月17日(日) 18時58分 総合


    【Hot Menu Choice】

    M-1 Primitive Man / Last Great Dreamers
    (AL「13th Floor Renegades」)

    M-2 I Can’t Quit / Vaccines

    M-3 Night Club / Vaccines
    (M-2 & 3 AL「Combat Sports」)

    M-4 Foyers Of Fun / J.C.M.

    M-5 Strangeher / J.C.M.(M-4 & 5 AL「Heroes」)

    M-6 Glories Shall Be Released / Sebastian Hardie

  • 2018年6月10日(日) 22時41分 総合


    【Special Garden】★Live Album三連発!!!

    ☆「Live & Unreleased 1967」Tomorrow

    M-1 My White Bicycle / Tomorrow

    M-2 Real Life Permanent Dream / Tomorrow

    ☆「Where The Poppies Corow」Traffic

    M-3 Dealer / Traffic

    M-4 Paper Sun / Traffic

    ☆「Live at The Marquee 1974」Fusion Orchestra

    M-5 Skeleton In Armour / Fusion Orchestra