【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Gwendolyn / The Soulphonics

(Album「Heartfull Of Soulphonics」)

M-2 Honey / The Dead Reds (Album「Last Stand」)

M-3 Wide Open / The Chemical Brothers

(Album「Born In The Echoes」)

M-4 Everybody Wants To Live In America

/ Deckchair Poets (Album「Serchin' For A Lemon Squeezer」)

M-5 It's Only Money / Twink

M-6 Grey Eyes / Twink (Album「Think PinkⅡ」)

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【Mania's Gold Disc】☆ Bloomsbury People

M-1 Have You Seen Them Cry / Bloomsbury People

M-2 Birdsong / Bloomsbury People

【Special Garden】

M-3 Paraffinalia / England (Album「Garden Shed」)

M-4 Mister Meener / England (Album「The Last Of The Jubblies」)

M-5 Midnight Madness / England (Album「Live In Japan」)

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【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Tight Pants / Buck Cherry (Album「Rock N Roll」)

M-2 Monkey House / Kelly Keeling (Album「Mind Radio」)

M-3 Way She Moves / Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts


M-4 Treat Her Like Candy / Delta Deep (Album「Delta Deep」)

M-5 Come On Up / Billy Walton Band

(Album「Wish For What You Wnat」)

M-6 The Smoke / Hundred Seventy Split (Album「The Road」)

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【Special Garden】

☆「40Years And Still Riding High」MOXY

M-1 Midnight Flight / MOXY

M-2 Ridin' High / MOXY

☆「Live at The Royal Albert Hall 2012」

Ian Paice's Sunflower Superjam

M-3 Rock And Roll / Ian Paice's Sunflower Superjam

M-4 School's Out / Ian Paice's Sunflower Superjam

M-5 Black Night / Ian Paice's Sunflower Superjam

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【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Hellbound Train / Pat Travers (Album「Retro Rocket」)

M-2 Trouble / Keith Richards (Album「Crosseyed Heart」)

M-3 Fast Train / Terry Taylor (Album「Taylor Mode」)

M-4 Something's About To Change / Robin Trower

(Album「Something's About To Change」)

M-5 Rattle That Lock / David Gilmour (Album「Rattle That Lock」)

M-6 Nothing's Changed / John Verity Band

(Album「LIVE at BOSKY」)

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M-1 ミリオンボーイ / オセロケッツ(Album「MADE IN STUDIO」)

M-2 This Will Be Our Year / The Zombies

(Album「Odessey and Oracle」)

M-3 Herbert Herper's Free Press News / Muddy Waters

(Album「Electric Mud」)

M-4 If Not For You / Bob Dylan with Lloyd Green

(Album「A New Music City」)

M-5 また会ったねロンリネス / 森山公一(Album「Record!」)

M-6 のようなもののようなもの / 森山公一(Album「Record!」)

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【Special Garden】☆Bill Wyman

M-1 What & How & If & When & Why / Bill Wyman

(Album「Back To Basics」)

M-2 Too Late / Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings

M-3 Johnny B Goode / Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings

(Album「Live Communication」)

☆Jim McCarty(LP「Frontman」)

M-4 Sings From An Age Gone By / Jim McCarty

M-5 Slow Drivers / Jim McCarty

M-6 The Outsider / Jim McCarty

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【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Best Man / The Strypes (AL「Little Victories」)

M-2 Shaken Beliefs / Vintage Caravan (AL「Arrival」)

M-3 Out Of My Mind / Philip Sayce (AL「Influence」)

M-4 Workin' Man / Neil Young + Promice Of The Real

(AL「The Monsanto Years」)

M-5 Bonnie K / Davy O'List (AL「Second Thougts」)

M-6 Leave Me / Tinsley Ellis (AL「Tough Love」)

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【Special Garden】

☆The Pretty Things「The Sweet Pretty Things」

M-1 The Same Sun / The Pretty Things

M-2 Renaissance Fair / The Pretty Things

M-3 Turn My Head / The Pretty Things

☆Tony Visconti & Woody Woodmansey

「The Man Who Sold The World Live In London」

M-4 The Man Who Sold The World

/ Tony Visconti & Woody Woodmansey

M-5 Jean Genie~Love Me Do

/ Tony Visconti & Woody Woodmansey

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【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 We Can Work Together / The Boom Band

(Album「Deluxe Edition」)

M-2 Symphony No.40 in G Minor,Molto Allegro / Dave Edmunds

(Album「Rags & Classics」)

M-3 Bad Penny / Dinosaur Pile-Up (Album「11:11EP」)

M-4 Tonight's The Night / Demino (Album「Old Habits Die Hard」)

M-5 Strike Your Light / Vintage Trouble (Album「1 Hopeful Rd.」)

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