【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Stranger In Your Eyes / The Cukoos(AL「The Cukoos」)

M-2 Mr.Devil / The Arrogants(AL「No Time To Wait」)

M-3 Hometown Blues / Syd Arthur(AL「Sound Mirror」)

M-4 We Got All Night / John Paul Keith(AL「Memphis Circa 3AM」)

M-5 We're American Band / Jared James Nichols
(AL「Highwayman EP」)

M-6 Coal Tatto / Warren Haynes(AL「Ashes & Dust」)

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【Special Garden】David Bowie追悼
BGM Can't Help Thinking About Me / David Bowie
(AL「I Dig Everything The 1966 Pye Singles」)

M-1 ★(Blackstar) / David Bowie (AL「★」)

【Mania's Gold Disc】
AL「Ten Songs」Tucker Zimmerman

M-2 Bird Lives / Tucker Zimmerman

M-3 A Face That Hasn't Sold Out / Tucker Zimmerman

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【Mania's Gold Disc】
☆「YOU & ME」Chick Churchill

M-1 Come And Join Me / Chick Churchill

M-2 Ode To An Angel / Chick Churchill

【Special Garden】
☆Dan Baird & Georgia Satellits特集

M-3 Get Loud / Dan Baird & Homemade Sin

M-4 Movin' Right Along / Dan Baird & Homemade Sin
M3 & M4・・・(AL「Get Loud」)

M-5 Keep Your Hands To Yourself ~It's Only Rock And Roll
/ Georgia Satellites(AL「Live In NY 1988」)

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【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 The Vision / Serpent Power(AL「Serpent Power」)

M-2 Baby She Crazy / Brian James
(AL「The Guiter That Dripped Blood」)

M-3 Motorcycle Maddness / Daddy Long Legs(AL「Riders Tonight」)

M-4 In Stacks / The Troy Redfern Band(AL「Backdoor Hoodoo」)

M-5 Close The Door /
Lawrence Jones,Christina Skjolberg,Albert Castigla
(AL「Blues Caravan2014」)

M-6 Dancing With The Moonlit Knight / Steve Hackett
(AL「Genesis Revisited Live at The Royal Albert Hall」)

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M-1 I'll Keep On Holding On / The Action(AL「The Ultimate Action」)

M-2House Of The Rising Sun / Frijid Pink(AL「Frijid Pink」)

【Special Garden】LEMMY追悼
テーマBGM・・・Louie Louie / Motorhead

M-3 It's Alright / Rockin' Vickers

M-4 Motorhead / Hawkwind

M-5 Blue Suede Shoes / Lemmy & The Upsetters
(M-3・4・5 AL「Lemmy Damage Case」)

M-6 Ace Of Spades / Motorhead
(AL「Better Motorhead Than Dead Live At Hammersmith」)

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☆Happy New Year 2016☆

【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Moment Of Madness / Martin Barre(AL「Back To Steel」)

M-2 Maybe Tomorrow / Zombies(AL「Still Got That Hunger」)

M-3 Several Shades Of Green / Wreckless Eric(AL「amERICa」)

M-4 Got A Lot / Tommy Castro & The Painkillers
(AL「Method To My Madness」)

M-5 Tell Me Why / Selwyn Birchwood(AL「don't call no ambulance」)

M-6 Waking Up / KING KING(AL「Reaching For The Light」)

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☆★2015年 Keep On Rockin' Artist Top10☆★

No.10 It's About Time / Chelsea(AL「Saturday Night Sunday Morning」)

No.9 Trouble / Keith Richards(AL「Cross Eyed Heart」)

No.8 Bonnie K / Davy O'List(AL「Second Thoughts」)

No.7 Shock Treatment / Chris Spedding(AL「JOYLAND」)

No.6 Nothing Fails Like Success / Man(AL「Reanimated Memories」)

No.5 Sweet Young Thing / Chocolate Watch Band
(AL「I'm Not Like Everybody Else」)

No.4 Little Girl Lost / Backman(AL「Heavy Blues」)

No.3 The Same Sun / Pretty Things
(AL「The Sweet Pretty Things(Are In Bed Now, Of Cource...)」)

No.2 It's Only Money / Twink(AL「Think PinkⅡ」)

No.1 Suddenly I Like It / Paul Jones(AL「Suddenly I Like It」)

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【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Lockdown / The Jokers(Album「Hurricane」)

M-2 I Am Santa / The Darkness(Album「Last Of Our Kind」)

M-3 Christmas Eve / Blackmore's Night(Album「Winter Carols」)

【Special Garden】

M-4 I Know You Can't Lose / Keith Christmas(Album「Stimulus」)

M-5 Brighter Day / Keith Christmas(Album「Tomorrow Never Ends」)

M-6 The Days Are Long / Keith Christmas Blues Band


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【Special Garden】LIVEアルバム3連発!!!

☆「Live In Tokyo2015」The Strypes

M-1 Best Man / The Strypes

M-2 Blue Collar Jane / The Strypes

☆「Do You Believe In MACYCK?」Stiv Bator

M-3 It's Cold Outside / Stiv Bator

M-4 Sonic Reducer / Stiv Bator

☆Live In London 2014」Nine Below Zero

M-5 Hoochie Coochie Coo / Nine Below Zero

M-6 I've My Mojo Worling / Nine Below Zero

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【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 11:11 / Dinosaur Pile-Up (Album「Eleven Eleven」)

M-2 Nothing New / Trigger Hippy (Album「Trigger Hippy」)

M-3 West Of The Moon / Linda Hoyle (Album「The Fetch」)

M-4 Automatic Doom / Yo La Tengo (Album「Stuff Like That There」)

M-5 Ain't In No Hurry / Jorma Kaukonen (Album「Ain't In No Hurry」)

M-6 Every Rock 'n' Roll Song To Me / Rod Stewart
(Album「Another Country」)

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