【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Anything For The Thrill / Lita Ford(AL「Time Capsule」)

M-2 Kickin' The Can / Bullhounds(AL「To Rock & To Serve」)

M-3 The Good,The Bad,The Ugly & Me」Steven Tyler
(AL「We're All Somebody From Somewhere」)

M-4 Dreams Of Flying / Mudcruch(Mudcluch2)

M-5 Heartbreaker / Train(Train Does Led ZeppelinⅡ)

M-6 Search & Destroy / James Williamson
(AL「James Williamson with the Careless Hearts」)

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【Mania's Gold Disc】
☆Album「The Sound Of Valentines」The Valentines

M-1 I Can't Dance With You / The Valentines

M-2 My Old Man's A Groovy Old Man / The Valentines

【Special Garden】
☆Album「Live In The UK 2010」Ian Hunter & The Rant Band

M-3 Arms And Legs / Ian Hunter & The Rant Band

M-4 Soul Of America / Ian Hunter & The Rant Band

M-5 Sweet Jane / Ian Hunter & The Rant Band

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【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Hold On You / Jake Bugg(AL「On My One」)

M-2 Saturday Night / No Sinner(AL「Old Habits Die Hard」)

M-3 Keep It Out Of Sight / King Mud(AL「Victory Motel Sessions」)

M-4 Armenia City In The Sky / Bun E Carlos
(AL「Greetings From Bunezuela!」)

M-5 Back Where You Belong / Robin Trower
(AL「Where You Are Going To」)

M-6 Still Hungry / Stevie Nimmo(AL「Sky Won't Fall」)

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【Special Garden】
☆AL「Now You Shake」」Ray Columbus

M-1 Now You Shake / Ray Columbus

M-2 Kick Me / Ray Columbus

M-3 Happy In A Sad Kind Of Way / Ray Columbus


M-4 Loaded Gun / Punky Meadows(AL「Fallen Angel」)

M-5 You Bring The Summer / The Monkees(AL「Good Times!」)

M-6 Burnin' Sky / Bad Company(AL「Live 1997 & 1979」)

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【Mania's Gold Disc】
☆AL「Lone Star」Steve Peregrine Took's Shagrat

M-1 Still Yawning, Still-Born / Steve Peregrine Took's Shagrat

M-2 Peppermint Flickstick / Steve Peregrine Took's Shagrat

【Special Garden】
☆Henry McCullough追悼

M-3 All I Wanna Do / Henry McCullough Band
(AL「Live at Rockpalast」)

M-4 You Can't Do That / Henry McCullough Blues Band
(AL「Belfast To Boston」)

M-5 Belfast Train / Henry McCullough(AL「Poor Man's Moon」)

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【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 I'll Do Happiness / Joe Perry feat.Terry Reid(Single)

M-2 Full Circle / Bruce Foxton(AL「Smash The Clock」)

M-3 Mean Town Blues / Jane Lee Hooker(AL「NO B!」)

M-4 Gonna Give It Up / If(AL「if5」)

M-5 The Middle Of Nowhere / Tony Joe White(AL「Rain Crow」)

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【Mania's Gold Disc3連発】


M-1 Hang Out / Kaleidoscope

M-2 I'm Crazy / Kaleidoscope

☆AL「The Gasoline Band」The Gasoline Band

M-3 World What You Gonna Do / The Gasoline Band

M-4 Ein Grosses / The Gasoline Band

☆AL「Three Ages Of Man」Satisfaction

M-5 Don't Rag The Lady / Satisfaction

M-6 Liar Liar / Satisfaction

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【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Make It / The Bullhounds(AL「Protector」)

M-2 Mr. Howard / Purson(AL「Desire's Magic Theatre」)

M-3 Tell Her No / Ronnie Spector(AL「English Heart」)

M-4 Too Hard / James McCartney(AL「The Blackberry Train」)

M-5 Good Stuff / Mark Pontin Group(AL「Textures」)

M-6 Sunday / Iggy Pop(AL「Post Pop Depression」)

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【Mania's Gold Disc】
☆Album「Holy Mackerel」Holy Mackerel

M-1 Rock-A-Bye / Holy Mackerel

M-2 The Boy And The Mekon / Holy Mackerel

【Special Garden】
☆Captain Beyond特集

M-3 Dancing Madly Backwards / Captain Beyond(AL「Captain Beyond」)

M-4 Drifting In Space / Captain Beyond(AL「Sufficiently Breathless」)

M-5 Sweet Dreams / Zoomlenz With Willie Daffern
(AL「A Tribute To Captain Beyond」)

M-6 Stone Free / Captain Beyond(AL「Live In Texas October6.1973」)

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【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Mother Of All Snakeheads / La Chinga(AL「Freewheelin'」)

M-2 Dirty Sexy Money / The Struts(AL「Everybody Wants」)

M-3 Animals / Tax The Heat(AL「Fed To The Lions」)

M-4 Keep It All Together / Paul Nelson Band(AL「Badass Generation」)

M-5 Low Down Weekend / Robert Gordon(AL「I'm Coming Home」)

M-6 Show Me The Way / Peter Frampton(AL「Acoustic Classics」)

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