【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Keep Quiet / The Boys (Album「Punk Rock Menopause」)

M-2 Liar's Club / Stiff Little Fingers (Album「No Going Back」)

M-3 Keep On Believing / Buzz Cocks (Album「The Way」)

M-4 83rd And 4th / Zain Griff (Album「Immersed」)

M-5 Starshine / Stevie Nicks (Album「24Karat Gold」)

M-6 Air Of Drama / Renaissance

(Album「Symphony of Light」)



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【Special Garden】Liveアルバム3連発!!!

☆John Fogerty「Live Broadcasts 1958-1986」

M-1 Rock And Roll Girls / John Fogerty

M-2 Who'll Stop The Rain / John Fogerty

☆Ian Hunter Band feat.Mick Ronson「LIVE」

M-3 All The Way From Memphis / Ian Hunter

M-4 Angeline / Ian Hunter

☆Martin Turner & Friends「The Garden Party」

M-5 The King Will Come / Martin Turner & Friends


Manic Street Preachersのポストカードセット(3人)

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【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Follow Me Down / The Pretty Reckless

M-2 Get Back My Crown / Rated X

M-3 You Never Can Tell / The Quireboys

M-4 Ride Out / Bob Seger

M-5 Slow / Leonard Cohen

M-6 Brando / Scott Walker + Sunn O



James Brown BandのLIVEにペア1組をご招待!



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☆Paul Revere & The Raiders

M-1 Kicks / Paul Revere & The Raiders

M-2 The Great Airplane Strike / Paul Revere & The Raiders

M-3 Good Thing / Paul Revere & The Raiders

☆John Gustafson

M-4 Boogie Woogie / John Gustafson

M-5 What's Your Game? / John Gustafson

☆Wild Turkey(Glen Cornick)

M-6 Propaganda / Wild Turkey

M-7 Good Old Days / Wild Turkey





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【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Easy Money / Johonny Marr (Album「PLAYLAND」)

M-2 Veronica Said / Benmont Tench

(Album「You Should Be So Lucky」)

M-3 Kinda Wish She Would / Bernie Marsden


M-4 Love Know How / Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers

(Album「The Independent」)

M-5 Thirty Eight / Will Wild (Album「Raw Blues」)

M-6 Bad News Blues On TV / Otis Grand

(Album「Blues '65」)


Taylor Swiftのナップサック(3名)



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