【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 I Feel Love / Dead Weather (Album「Dodge and Burn」)

M-2 Mis-Treater Boogie Blues / Los Lobos (Album「Gates Of Gold」)

M-3 Random Name Generator / Wilco (Album「Star Wars」)

M-4 Brand New Day / Bryan Adams (Album「Get Up」)

M-5 Good Times Bad Times / Led Zepagain (Album「永遠の響Ⅰ」)

M-6 Heartbreaker / Led Zepagain (Album「永遠の響Ⅱ」)



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【Mania's Gold Disc】

☆Album「In The Beginning」Genesis

M-1 Angeline / Genesis

M-2 What's It All About / Genesis

【Special Garden】

☆Album「Steary Gettin' It」The Artwoods

M-3 Sweet Mary / The Artwoods

M-4 These Boots Are Made For Walkin' / The Artwoods

M-5 Jump Back / The Artwoods

M-6 Diamond Joe / Quiet Melon (Album「Art Wood's」)

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☆マグナム石井 66th Birthday☆

【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Skulls / Michael Monroe (Album「Blackout States」)

M-2 It's About Time / Chelsea

(Album「Saturday Night Sunday Morning」)

M-3 Jukebox / Left Lane Cruiser (Album「Rock Them Back To Hell!」)

M-4 I'm Shakin' / Mike Vernon Y Los Garcia (Album「Just A Little bit」)

M-5 Cool Jesus / Mungo Jerry (Album「Cool Jesus」)

M-6 Rose Tatoo / Ugly Guys

(Album「Still Twenty-Five In Your Head」)

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【Special Garden】Keep On Rockin' ArtistのNewアルバム

☆「The Devil To Pay」Kim Simmonds & Savoy Brown

M-1 Grew Up In The Blues

M-2 The Devil To Pay

☆「Set The Hammond On Fire」Bob Andrews & RKR-CB

M-3 Crazy Wild Blonde

M-4 Sistah

☆「Revived!」Mick Abrahams

M-5 Bright Lights, Big City

M-6 Summer Day With Hammond

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【Special Garden】☆Psychedelia BOX SET

M-1 Does It Really Matter / Glass Opening

M-2 Seen Through A Light / Mooche

M-3 Seven Fishes / Jigsaw

M-4 Sitting On A Bluestone / Tales Of Justine

M-5 Sun Is So Bright / Blue Effect

M-6 Armageddon / Cape Kennedy Construnction Company

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【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Boom Boom / 24Pesos (Album「Do The Right Thing」)

M-2 I Want All My Money Back / John Mayall

(Album「Find A Way To Care」)

M-3 Let's Work Together / Canned Heat (Album「Songs From The Road」)

M-4 Victory or Die / Motorhead

M-5 Sympathy For The Devil / Motordead (Album「Bad Magic」)

M-6 Fool For Your Loving / Whitesnake (Album「Made In Japan」)

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【Special Garden】

☆「Live On Tour-1966!」The Standells

M-1 Dirty Water / The Standells

M-2 Good Lovin' / The Standells

☆「Blue Collar」Backman Turner Overdrive

M-3 Roll On Down The Highway / Backman Turner Overdrive

M-4 You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet / Backman Turner Overdrive


M-5 Long Tall Sally / Cactus

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【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Gwendolyn / The Soulphonics

(Album「Heartfull Of Soulphonics」)

M-2 Honey / The Dead Reds (Album「Last Stand」)

M-3 Wide Open / The Chemical Brothers

(Album「Born In The Echoes」)

M-4 Everybody Wants To Live In America

/ Deckchair Poets (Album「Serchin' For A Lemon Squeezer」)

M-5 It's Only Money / Twink

M-6 Grey Eyes / Twink (Album「Think PinkⅡ」)

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【Mania's Gold Disc】☆ Bloomsbury People

M-1 Have You Seen Them Cry / Bloomsbury People

M-2 Birdsong / Bloomsbury People

【Special Garden】

M-3 Paraffinalia / England (Album「Garden Shed」)

M-4 Mister Meener / England (Album「The Last Of The Jubblies」)

M-5 Midnight Madness / England (Album「Live In Japan」)

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【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Tight Pants / Buck Cherry (Album「Rock N Roll」)

M-2 Monkey House / Kelly Keeling (Album「Mind Radio」)

M-3 Way She Moves / Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts


M-4 Treat Her Like Candy / Delta Deep (Album「Delta Deep」)

M-5 Come On Up / Billy Walton Band

(Album「Wish For What You Wnat」)

M-6 The Smoke / Hundred Seventy Split (Album「The Road」)

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