【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Devil In Me / Last In Line(AL「Heavy Crown」)

M-2 Leave Your Light On / Wild Feathers(AL「Lonely Is A Lifetime」)

M-3 Cleopatra / The Lumineers(AL「Cleopatra」)

M-4 Arnold Layne / Pink Floyd(AL「An Introduction To Syd Barrett」)

M-5 Horses / Marty Balin(AL「The Greatest Love」)

M-6 Tuscaloosa 1962 / Donnie Fritts(AL「Oh My Goodness」)

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【Special Garden】KISS特集

☆コンピレーション「KISS & MAKE UP」
M-1 Rock And Roll All Night / The Dollyrots

M-2 Calling Dr.Love / シシド・カフカ

☆Album「ORIGINS vol.1」Ace Frehley
M-3 Street Fighting Man / Ace Frehley

M-4 Wild Thing / Ace Frehley

M-5 Cold Gin / Ace Frehley

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【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Golden Child / Promised Land Sound(Al「For Use And Delight」)

M-2 Travelling Solves Everything / Violent Femmes
(Al「We Can Do Anything」)

M-3 All Or Nothing / Waco Brothers(Al「Going Down In History」)

M-4 Put Some Rhythm To It / Emitt Rhodes
(Al「Rainbow Ends」)

M-5 I'd Give It Up / Cheap Trick(Al「Bang Zoom Crazy...Hello」)

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【Special Garden】LIVEアルバム三連発!!!

☆「LIVE 1971 & 1973」Jo Jo Gunne

M-1 Run Run Run / Jo Jo Gunne

M-2 Take Me Down Easy / Jo Jo Gunne

☆「THE JOKER LIVE」Steve Miller Band

M-3 Your Cash Aint Nothing But Trash / Steve Miller Band

M-4 The Joker / Steve Miller Band

☆「Live Tales」Ken Hensley

M-5 July Morning / Ken Hensley

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【Mania's Gold Disc】
☆Album「Latest Game」Jack Green

M-1 American Fool / Jack Green

M-2 Win Your Love / Jack Green

【Special Garden】
☆Album「Midnight Of My Life」Steve Marriott

M-3 Late Night Lady / Steve Marriott

M-4 Let's Spend The Night Together / Steve Marriott

M-5 Smilin' In Tune / Steve Marriott

M-6 Poll Tax Blues / Steve Marriott

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  • 投稿者: psyche
  • 投稿日時: 2016年04月24日(日) 04時00分

【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 I'm A Blues Man / Blues Karloff(AL「Light and Shade」)

M-2 Blackout Blues / Blues Karloff(AL「Light and Shade」)

M-3 Johnny The Torch / The Contrast(AL「A Sinister Flick」)

M-4 Vote For Me / Eric Bell(AL「EXILE」)

M-5 Cougar / Rhino's Revenge(AL「Rhino's RevengeⅡ」)

M-6 Sunday / Iggy Pop(AL「Post Pop Depression」)

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【Mania's Gold Disk】☆AL「Gulliver」Gulliver

M-1 Everbody's A Lonely Day / Gulliver

M-2 Flo Gene / Gulliver

【Special Garden】☆Earl Slick

M-3 Boom Boom / Earl Slick Band(AL「Live'76」)

M-4 PJ Proby / Earl Slick Band(AL「Slick Tracks」)

M-5 Isn't It Evening / Earl Slick(AL「Zig Zag」)

M-6 Golden Years / David Bowie
(AL「The Single Collection」)

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  • 投稿者: psyche
  • 投稿日時: 2016年04月10日(日) 04時00分

【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Come On / Sunflower Bean(AL「Human Ceremony」)

M-2 Hola Guapa / Dan Stewart with Twin Tones
(AL「Marlowe's Revenge」)

M-3 Little Queenie / The Kentucky Headhunters
(AL「Meet Me In Blues Land」)

M-4 Taxman / Cold War Kids(AL「George Fest」)

M-5 Communication Breakdown / Led Zeppelin

M-6 I Wish You Would / Tom Jones(AL「Long Lost Suitcase」)

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  • 投稿者: psyche
  • 投稿日時: 2016年04月03日(日) 04時00分

【Special Garden】☆カナダのガレージバンド特集

M-1 Dickens / Leigh Ashford(AL「Kinfolk」)

M-2 Eyes Of Nature / The Souls Of Inspiration
(AL「The Souls Of Inspiration」)

M-3 There You Go Again / Rockadrome
(AL「Royal American 20th Century Blues」)

M-4 Give Me Lovin' / Great Scots(AL「地下世界の悪夢」)

M-5 Eleanor Rigby / Riverson(AL「Riverson」)

M-6 Flaggit / Warpig(AL「Warpig」)

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  • 投稿者: psyche
  • 投稿日時: 2016年03月27日(日) 04時00分

【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Cry Baby / Cage The Elephant(AL「Tell Me I'm Pretty」)

M-2 Where The Light Gets In / Primal Scream(AL「Chaosmosis」)

M-3 No Direction Home / Cheap Trick(AL「Bang Zoom Crazy Hello」)

M-4 Becky's Last Occupation / SIMO
(AL「Let Love Show The Way」)

M-5 Plain / Dirty Streets(AL「White Horse」)

M-6 Written In The Stars / Martin Turner
(AL「Written In The Stars」)

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  • 投稿者: psyche
  • 投稿日時: 2016年03月20日(日) 04時00分