【Mania's Gold Disc】

☆Album「HEADWAY」Joe Jammer

M-1 Cool Breeze / Joe Jammer

M-2 The Watcher Laments / Joe Jammer

【Special Garden】

☆Album「Spirit Of '67」Vanilla Fudge

M-3 I Can See For Miles / Vanilla Fudge

M-4 Break On Through / Vanilla Fudge

M-5 I'm A Believer / Vanilla Fudge

M-6 Ruby Tuesday / Vanilla Fudge

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【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Worth The Whiskey / Texas Flood

(Album「Worth The Whiskey EP」)

M-2 Pounding / The Keejerk Reactions

(Album「The Indestructible Sounds」)

M-3 Medicine Man(Single) / Aaron Keylock

M-4 Little Queenie / Jerry Lee Lewis (Album「Rock & Roll Time」)

M-5 Eternally Yours / Dana Gillespie (Album「Cat's Meow」)

M-6 Step Beyond / Yes (Album「Heaven & Earth」)

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M-1 バンバンバン / ムッシュかまやつ

M-2 Stone Free / Jimi Hendrix Experience

☆田村直美さん & 野村義男さん

M-3 ゆずれない願い / 田村直美

M-4 Sunshine Of Your Love / Cream


M-5 木蘭の涙 / Stardust Revue

M-6 Angel / Jimi Hendrix Experience


M-7 Hungry Freeks,Daddy / Frank Zappa & Mothers Of Invention

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【Special Garden】☆Maggie Bell特集

M-1 Mad Dogs And Englishmen / Stone The Crows

M-2 Good Time Girl / Stone The Crows

(Album「Radio Sessions1969-72」)

M-3 Suicide Sal / Maggie Bell

M-4 Wishing Well / Maggie Bell

(Album「Best Of Sound & Vision」)

M-5 Hey Boy / Midnight Flyer (Album「Midnight Flyer」)

M-6 What You Got Is So Good / The British Blues Quintet

(Album「Live In Glasgow」)

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【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Glory Days / Carl Barat & The Jackals

(Album「Let It Reign」)

M-2 Sleigh Ride / FUZZ (Album「FUZZ」)

M-3 Ballad Of The Mighty I / Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

(Album「Chasing Yesterday」)

M-4 Rock My Car / Scorpions (Album「Return To Forever」)

M-5 The Killing Kind / UFO (Album「A Conspiracy Of Stars」)

M-6 Ready / Foreigner (Album「Can't Slow Down」)

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【Mania's Gold Disc】

☆Bo Street Runners「Never Say Goodbye」

M-1 Shame Shame Shame / Bo Street Runners

M-2 Drive My Car / Bo Street Runners

☆New Tweedy Bros!「New Tweedy Bros!」

M-3 I Can See It / New Tweedy Bros!

M-4 What's Wrong With That / New Tweedy Bros!

☆Thin Lizzy「One Night Only」

M-5 Waiting For An Alibi / Thin Lizzy

M-6 The Boys Are Back In Town / Thin Lizzy



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【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 My Mate / Eight Rounds Rapid (Album「Lossleader」)

M-2 Get Em' Up / Nickelback (Album「No Fixed Address」)

M-3 The Killer Instinct / Black Star Riders

(Album「The Killer Instinct」)

M-4 Shock Treatment / Chris Spedding (Album「Joyland」)

M-5 Smokestack Amunition / Jerusalem (Album「Black Horses」)

M-6 Things We Said Today / Bob Dylan

(Album「The Art Of McCartney」)



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【Mania's Gold Disc 3連発】

☆Woody Woodmansey's U-BOAT

M-1 U-BOAT / Woody Woodmansey's U-BOAT

M-2 Rock Show / Woody Woodmansey's U-BOAT

☆Terje,Jesper & Joachim

M-3 Between The Shields / Terje,Jesper & Joachim

M-4 If I Needed Someone / Terje,Jesper & Joachim

☆Hollywood Brats

M-5 Then He Kissed Me / Hollywood Brats

M-6 Tumble With Me / Hollywood Brats


Paul McCartneyのグロウキューブ(3名)

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【Hot Menu Choice】

M-1 Between The Lines / Handsome Jack

(Album「Do What Comes Naturally」)

M-2 Root Rock Pioneers / Siena Root (Album「Pioneers」)

M-3 Some Enchanted Evening / Bob Dylan

(Album「Shadows In The Night」)

M-4 One Night Stand / Bryan Ferry (Album「Avonmore」)

M-5 Long Train Runnin' / The Doobie Brothers



Soft Machine LegacyのLiveに1組2名をご招待!

日時・・・3月24日(火) 21時30分~


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