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  • 2018年3月18日(日) 21時51分 総合


    【Hot Menu Choice】

    M-1 Living In The City / Hurray For The Riff Raff
    (AL「The Navigator」)

    M-2 Bats & Swallows / Strawbs
    (AL「The Ferryman’s Curse」)

    M-3 Sitting On A Rock / Gavin Sutherland
    (AL「A Curious Noise」)

    M-4 Go Baby Go / John Doe(AL「The Westerner」)

    M-5 Silver Machine / Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons
    (AL「Star In The Age Of Absurdity」)

    M-6 Haven’t Got The Time / ‘Fast’Eddie Clarke
    (AL「Back To Blues」)

  • 2018年3月11日(日) 05時30分 総合


    【Special Garden】Liveアルバム三連発!!!

    ☆「Live In The Sixties」Animals

    M-1 Jailhouse Rock / Animals

    M-2 See See Rider / Animals

    ☆「Live At The Belly Up」Foghat

    M-3 Fool For The City~Eight Days On The Road / Foghat

    ☆「Live at Sweden Rock 2016」Vanilla Fudge

    M-4 Gimme Some Lovin’ / Vanilla Fudge

  • 2018年3月4日(日) 22時59分 総合


    【Hot Menu Choice】

    M-1 The Betrayal / Black Label Society
    (AL「Grimmest Hits」)

    M-2 Rocks / Quinn Sullivan(AL「Midnight Highway」)

    M-3 You Ain’t Nothing Yet / Strongman
    (AL「No Time Like Now」)

    M-4 Genuine American Girl / Alice Cooper

    M-5 Any Minute / Ronnie Montrose(AL「10×10」)

    M-6 Heavy Traffic / Ronnie Montrose(AL「10×10」)

  • 2018年2月25日(日) 22時27分 総合


    【Special Garden】☆Wayne Kramer特集

    AL「Crime Of The Century 」Gang War

    M-1 Who Do Voodoo / Gang War

    M-2 Rambling Rose / Gang War

    M-3 Boots Are Made For Walking / Gnag War

    AL「Beyond Cyberpunk」

    M-4 Inside Job / Mudhoney

    M-5 Love On Death Row / Chris Spedding

    M-6 Bad Little Go-Go Girl / Dee Dee Ramone

  • 2018年2月18日(日) 17時30分 総合


    【Hot Menu Choice】

    M-1 Rock’n’ Roll Roadhouse / Good Old Boys
    (AL「All Or Nothing」)

    M-2 Weak And Weepin’ / Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown
    (AL「Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown」)

    M-3 Corduroy / Pearl Jam(AL「Let’s Play Two」)

    M-4 One Day Too Early / Eric Bell
    (AL「Standing At A Bus Stop」)

    M-5 Don’t Remember / Jules Shear
    (AL「One More Crooked Dance」)

    M-6 They Played Rock And Roll / SAXON
    (AL「Thunder Bolt」)