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  • 2024年2月25日(日) 06時00分 総合


    【追悼:Wayne Kramer(MC5)】

    M-1 I Can Only Give You Everything / MC5 (AL「’66 Breakout!」)

    M-2 Kick Out The Jams / MC5 (AL「Kick Out The Jams」)

    M-3 Thunder Express / MC5 (AL「Thunder Express」)

    M-4 Ramblin’ Rose / Wayne Kramer (AL「Live at Dingwalls 1979」)

    M-5 These Boots Are Made For Walking / Gang War
    (AL「Street Fighting」)

    M-6 Bad Seed / Wayne Kramer (AL「LLMF」)

    M-7 I Fall / The Racketeers (AL「Mad For The Racket」)