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  • 2018年2月4日(日) 21時34分 総合


    【Hot Menu Choice】

    M-1 When You Call My Name / Garland Geffreys
    (AL「14 Steps To Harlem」)

    M-2 Soul Shake / Tommy Castro & The Painkillers
    (AL「Stompin’ Ground」)

    M-3 Standing On A Mountain / Action Skulls
    (AL「Angels Hear」)

    M-4 In The City~This Is The Modern World
    / Bruce Foxton & Russell Hastings
    (AL「From The JAM LIVE!)

    M-5 She Don’t Care About Time / Chris Hillman

    M-6 Here She Comes Again / Chris Hillman
    (M-5 & 6 AL「Bidin’ My Time」)