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  • 2018年6月3日(日) 20時25分 総合


    【Hot Menu Choice】

    M-1 The Serpent / Palace Of The King
    (AL「Get Right With Your Maker」)

    M-2 Wrong Place Wrong Time / Kris Barras Band
    (AL「The Divine And Dirty」)

    M-3 There’s A Reason Why / Blossoms(AL「Cool Like You」)

    M-4 Cry Me A River / Steve Ellis(AL「Boom!Bang!Twang!」)

    M-5 Hey You / Simon Stokes & The Heathen Angels
    (AL「Simon Stokes & The Heathen Angels」)

    M-6 Close Enough For Jazz / Van Morrison & Joey Defrancesco
    (AL「You’re Driving Me Crazy」)