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  • 2018年8月19日(日) 19時22分 総合


    【Hot Menu Choice】

    M-1 Nobody Knows Your Name / King King(AL「Exile & Grace」)

    M-2 Slowly Losing My Mind / Barrence Whitfield & The Savages
    (AL「Soul Flower Of Titan」)

    M-3 Hot Little Mama / Mike Vernon & The Mighty Combo
    (AL「A Little Bit More」)

    M-4 Idiots / Martin Gordon(AL「Thanks For All The Fish」)

    M-5 Flash / Wreckless Eric(AL「Construction Time And Demolition」)

    M-6 I Found A House / Patrick Campbell Lyons
    (AL「You’re A Cloud, I’m A Comet」)