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  • 2018年9月23日(日) 06時00分


    【Special Garden】☆The Deviants

    M-1 First Line / The Deviants(AL「The Deviants3」)

    M-2 Trouble Coming Every Day / Mick Farren
    (AL「Vampires Stole My Lunch Money」)

    M-3 Eating Jello With A Heated Fork / The Deviants
    (AL「Barbarian Princes Live In Japan 1999」)

    ☆Pink Fairies

    M-4 The Snake / Pink Fairies
    (AL「Up The Pinks An Introduction to Pink Fairies」)

    M-5 Planet 39 / Twink(AL「Think PinkⅢ」)

    M-6 Whipping Boy / Pink Fairies(AL「Resident Reptiles」)