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  • 2019年1月2日(水) 17時57分


    【2018 Keep On Rockin’ Artist Top10】

    10位・・・FannyのAL「Walked The Earth」

    9位・・・Jules ShearのAL「One More Cooked Dance」

    8位・・・Billy GibbonsのAL「The Big Bad Blues」


    7位・・・Waiting For The Man / Garland Jeffreys
    (AL「14 Steps To Harlem」)

    6位・・・Between Two Mountain / Randy Backman
    (AL「Songs Of George Harrison」)

    5位・・・That’s The Way I Love You / Wilko Johnson
    (AL「Blow Your Mind」)

    4位・・・Mr. Sloane / Sharks(AL「Ready Set Go」)

    3位・・・State Of Emergency / Nazareth
    (AL「Tatooed On My Brain」)

    2位・・・Rollin’ & Tumblin’ / Rod Stewart(AL「Blood Red Roses」)

    1位・・・Certified Rose / Roger Daltrey
    (AL「As Long As I Have You」)