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  • 2019年1月20日(日) 17時57分 総合


    【Hot Menu Choice】

    M-1 Outlaw For You / Alejandro Escovedo
    (AL「The Crossing」)

    M-2 Overload / Jon Spencer(AL「Spencer Singles The Hits」)

    M-3 The Love Parade / Damian O’neill & The Monotones
    (AL「Refit Revise Reprise」)

    M-4 Squeezebox / Slim Chance(AL「New Cross Road」)

    M-5 Evil Is As Evil Does / Apocalypse Blues Revue
    (AL「Apocalypse Blues Revue」)

    M-6 Coming In, Going Under / Thomas Silver
    (AL「The Gospel According to Thomas」)