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  • 2019年11月10日(日) 06時00分 総合


    【追悼:Ginger Baker】

    M-1 Man Of Constant Sorrow / Ginger Baker Airforce
    (AL「Do What You Like」)

    M-2 Help Me / Baker Gurvitz Army
    (AL「Flying In & Out Of Stardom」)

    M-3 White Room / Baker Gurvitz Army
    (AL「Live In Derby’75」)

    M-4 Just Like You / Ginger Baker’s Energy
    (AL「Ginger Baker’s Energy」)

    M-5 Too Many Apples / Bakerandband
    (AL「Under The Sun」)

    M-6 City Of Gold / BBM(AL「Around The Next Dream」)