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  • 2021年2月28日(日) 06時00分 総合


    【Mania’s Gold Disc】★The Contents Are

    M-1 Country Roads / The Contents Are(AL「Through You」)

    M-2 Long I Man Blues / The Contents Are(AL「LIVE」)

    追悼:Hilton Valentine

    M-3 House Of The Rising Sun / Animals(AL「The Best Of Animals」)

    M-4 Listen / Hilton Valentine(AL「All In Your Head」)

    M-5 I’m Crying / Animals(AL「The Last Live Show」)

    M-6 Baby Let Me Take You Home / AnimalsⅡ(AL「Interesting Life」)

    M-7 Rockin’ Daddy / Hilton Valentine(AL「Skiffledog On Coburg ST」)