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  • 2021年4月11日(日) 06時00分 総合


    【追悼:Sylvain Sylvain】

    M-1 Kid’s Are Back / Criminals (AL「78CRIMINALS」)

    M-2 Oh Honey / Sylvain Sylvain (AL「New York’s A Go Go」)

    【Special Garden】Eaglesメンバーの前身バンド

    M-3 Hurtin’ / Felicity

    M-4 Burned / The Mushrooms

    M-5 2’s Better Than 3 / The Maundy Quintet

    M-6 Green Eyed Woman / The New Bleed

    (M-3~6 AL「Before They Were Famous」)

    M-7 She’s Got The Time / The Poor
    (AL「Randy Meisner Early Years」)