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  • 2022年7月17日(日) 06時00分 総合


    【Hot Menu Choice】

    M-1 Sell Your Soul / Cobra Cult(AL「Second Gear」)

    M-2 108 Ways To Leave Your Narcissist / Kula Shaker
    (AL「1st Congregational Church of Eternal Love & Free Hugs」)

    M-3 Kick / Def Leppard(AL「Diamond Star Halos」)

    M-4 It’s About Time / Jefferson Starship(AL「Mother of the Sun」)

    M-5 Be Good To Yourself / The Georgia Thunderbolts
    (AL「Can We Get A Witness」)

    M-6 Fodder For The Masses / Van Morrison
    (AL「What’s It Gonna Take」)