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  • 2017年7月30日(日) 21時55分 総合


    【Hot Menu Choice】

    M-1 Dry Road Blues / Mick Clarke(AL「Diggin’ Down」)

    M-2 Turnin’ My Back / The Strypes(AL「Spitting Image」)

    M-3 I’d Kill For Her / Black Angels(AL「Death Song」)

    【Special Garden】
    ☆AL「QSP」/ Quatro Scott Powell

    M-4 Slow Down / Quatro Scott Powell

    M-5 Mend A Broken Heart / Quatro Scott Powell

    M-6 The Price Of Love / Quatro Scott Powell

  • 2017年7月23日(日) 13時07分 総合


    【Mania’s Gold Disc】
    ☆AL「Bright City」Miller Anderson

    M-1 Nothing In The World / Miller Anderson

    M-2 Bright City / Miller Anderson

    【Special Garden】
    ☆Doctors Of Madness

    M-3 Waiting / Doctors Of Madness
    (AL「Late Night Movies All Night」)

    M-4 Doctors Of Madness / Doctors Of Madness
    (AL「Figments Of Emancipation」)

    M-5 Into The Strange / Doctors Of Madness
    (AL「Sons Of Survival」)

    M-6 What Goes On / Doctors Of Madness
    (AL「Live-Into The Strange」)

  • 2017年7月16日(日) 06時47分 総合


    【Hot Menu Choice】

    M-1 I Don’t Need Your Loving / Inglorious
    (AL「Inglorious Ⅱ」)

    M-2 A Girl Called Gasoline / Bourbon Alley

    M-3 Show Me / Ronnie Baker Brooks
    (AL「Times Have Changed」)

    M-4 Misunderstood / Joy(AL「Ride Along!」)

    M-5 Friday The 13th / Merry Go Round
    (AL「Merry Go Round」)

    M-6 Blackberry Way / Cheap Trick
    (AL「We’re All Alright!」)

  • 2017年7月9日(日) 23時53分 総合


    【Mania’s Gold Disc】The Godz

    M-1 Go Away / The Godz(AL「The Godz」)

    M-2 714 / The Godz(AL「Nothing is Sacred」)

    【Special Garden】Chuck Berry追悼

    M-3 Big Boy / Chuck Berry(AL「CHUCK」)

    M-4 Too Much Monkey Buisiness / Chuck Berry
    (AL「After School Session」)

    M-5 Roll Over Beethoven / Chuck Berry

    M-6 Lady B. Goode / Chuck Berry(AL「CHUCK」)

  • 2017年7月3日(月) 00時34分 総合


    【Hot Menu Choice】

    M-1 The Rebel In Me / Western Sizzlers(AL「1-4-5-GO」)

    M-2 My Times’s Comin’ / Western Sizzlers

    M-3 You’re In Love With Psycho / Kasabian
    (AL「For Crying Out Loud」)

    M-4 Mississippi Delta Blues / Moonshine
    (AL「Southern Blood Records」)

    M-5 Bedroom Floor / Kat & Co.
    (AL「Blues Is The New Cool」)

    M-6 Cusp / Thurston Moore
    (AL「Rock N Roll Conseiousness」)