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  • 2018年7月29日(日) 20時31分 総合


    【Special Garden】LIVE ALBUM3連発!!!

    AL「Made In Milan」L.A.Guns

    M-1 No Mercy / L.A.Guns

    M-2 Speed / L.A.Guns

    AL「Live’N’Kickin」Band Of Friends

    M-3 Philby / Band Of Friends

    M-4 Succubus / Band Of Friends

    AL「British Blues Explosion Live」Joe Bonamassa

    M-5 Plynth / Joe Bonamassa

    M-6 Little Girl / Joe Bonamassa

  • 2018年7月22日(日) 13時00分 総合


    【Hot Menu Choice】

    M-1 Killing Floor / Tiger Touch(EP「The Wildlife EP」)

    M-2 Be Your Man / Demob Happy(AL「Holy Doom」)

    M-3 Freedom / Gwyn Ashton(AL「Solo Elektro」)

    M-4 That’s The Way I Love You / Wilko Johnson
    (AL「Blow Your Mind」)

    M-5 On My Way / Indigenous(AL「Gray Skies」)

    M-6 Meanwhile Back In The Garage / Graham Bonnet Band
    (AL「Meanwhile Back In The Garage」)

  • 2018年7月15日(日) 20時44分 総合


    【Mania’s Gold Disc】
    ☆AL「Holy Grail」Chimera

    M-1 Black Hat Babe / Chimera

    M-2 Episode At Telegraph Hill / Chimera

    【Special Garden】☆Roy Dyke特集

    M-3 Peter Gunn / The Remo Four
    (AL「SMILE!Peter Gunn…And More」)

    M-4 Resurrection Shuffle / Ashton,Gardner & Dyke
    (AL「The Best Of」)

    M-5 Wheel Of Fortune / Badger(AL「One Live Badger」)

    M-6 Guitar Man / Bauer,Garn & Dyke(AL「Sturmfrei」) 

  • 2018年7月8日(日) 22時06分 総合


    【Hot Menu Choice】

    M-1 Another Day In Grey PartⅡ / Hollywood Monsters
    (AL「Capture The Sun」)

    M-2 As Long As I Have You / Roger Daltrey

    M-3 Certified Rose / Roger Daltrey
    (M-2 & 3 AL「As Long As I Have You」)

    M-4 Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow / The Damned
    (AL「Evil Spirits」)

    M-5 Dazy Bones / Rat Scabies(AL「P.H.D.」)

    M-6 Shrinking Man / Ry Cooder(AL「Prodigal Son」)

  • 2018年7月1日(日) 23時03分 総合


    【Special Garden】☆Blackfoot Sue

    M-1 Standing In The Road / Blackfoot Sue

    M-2 Glittery Obituary / Blackfoot Sue
    (M-1&2 Album「Nothing To Hide」)

    M-3 Bye Bye Birmingham / Blackfoot Sue

    M-4 Don’t Leave Me Tonight / Outside Edge
    (Album「Running Hot」)

    M-5 F.O.D / Blackfoot Sue(Album「Red On Blue」)

    M-6 Corrie / Blackfoot Sue(Album「Standing In The Road」)