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  • 2019年3月31日(日) 06時00分 総合


    【Mania’s Gold Disk】
    ★AL「Spoiled Rotten」Left End

    M-1 Bad Talkin’ Lady / Left End

    M-2 Every Little Thing / Left End

    【Special Garden】
    ★AL「Mental Train」Mott The Hoople

    M-3 You Really Got Me / Mott The Hoople

    M-4 Walkin’ With A Mountain / Mott The Hoople

    M-5 Down Town / Mott The Hoople

    M-6 Mental Train / Mott The Hoople

  • 2019年3月24日(日) 06時00分 総合


    【Special Garden】

    ☆AL「Joint Effort」Humble Pie

    M-1 Snakes & Ladders / Humble Pie

    M-2 Think / Humble Pie

    ☆AL「Black Beauty」Love

    M-3 Young & Able / Love

    M-4 Midnight Sun / Love

    M-5 Stay Away / Love

    M-6 Product Of The Times / Love

  • 2019年3月17日(日) 20時48分 総合


    【Hot Menu Choice】

    M-1 You’re The Reason / Mutter Slater Band
    (AL「Field Of Stone」)

    M-2 Crowley & Me / SSV(AL「Crowley & Me」)

    M-3 Glory To The Name Of The Lord

    / Peter Tork & The Shoe Suede Blues(AL「Step by Step」)

    M-4 Guess I Had Enough Of You / Barry Goldberg
    (AL「In The Groove」)

    M-5 Rapture / RHR(AL「Mahogany Drift」)

    M-6 The Big Picture / Mike Ross(AL「Jenny’s Place」)

  • 2019年3月10日(日) 06時00分 総合


    【Mania’s Gold Disc】

    ☆AL「Fantastic Dee-Jays」Fantastic Dee-Jays

    M-1 Fight Fire / Fantastic Dee-Jays

    M-2 What A Shame / Fantastic Dee-Jays

    ☆AL「Alive In’ 65!」The Shadows Of Knight

    M-3 You Really Got Me / The Shadows Of Knight

    M-4 Carol / The Shadows Of Knight

    ☆AL「Live 1969」The Remains

    M-5 Hang On Sloopy / The Remains

    M-6 All Day And All Of The Night / The Remains

  • 2019年3月3日(日) 06時00分 総合


    【Hot Menu Choice】

    M-1 Dressed To Kill / Bad Touch(AL「Shake A Leg」)

    M-2 A Little Bit Easy / Jet Boy(AL「Born To Fly」)

    M-3 Pull You In / Crazy Bull(AL「The Past Is Today」)

    M-4 Gold Fever / The Ugly Guys(AL「Senior Moments」)

    M-5 Midnight Hour Blues / Mitch Woods
    (AL「Friends Along The Way」)

    M-6 Mama Weer All Crazee Now / Quiet Riot
    (AL「One Night In Milan」)