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  • 2020年9月27日(日) 06時00分 総合



    M-1 The Fat Angel / Donovan

    M-2 Natural Born Boogie / Humble Pie

    【Special Garden】☆Jan Dukes De Grey特集

    M-3 Sorcerers / Jan Dukes De Grey(AL「Sorcerers」)

    M-4 San Symphonica / Jan Dukes De Grey
    (AL「Mice & Rats In The Loft」)

    M-5 Love Potion No.9 / Noy’s Band
    (AL「Mice & Rats In The Loft」)

    M-6 Saved By The Bell / Jan Dukes De Grey
    (AL「Strange Terrain」)

  • 2020年9月20日(日) 06時00分 総合


    【Hot Menu Choice】

    M-1 You Ain’t The Boss Of Me / Supersuckers
    (AL「Play That Rock-N-Roll」)

    M-2 Your Future Ex Wife / Duncan Reid & The Big Heads
    (AL「Don’t Blame Yourself」)

    M-3 Quarantine Blues / Mike Zito(AL「Quarantine Blues」)

    M-4 Can’t Turn Back / Billy Bremner
    (AL「Cocktail Of The Year」)

    M-5 92 Pills A Week / Augie Meyers Quintet
    (AL「92 Pills A Week」)

    M-6 Gotta Turn The Corner / Larry Miller
    (AL「The Sinner And The Saint」)

  • 2020年9月13日(日) 06時00分 総合


    【追悼:Peter Green】

    M-1 The Same Way / John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers
    (AL「A Hard Road」)

    M-2 I Loved Another Woman / Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac
    (AL「Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac」)

    M-3 Apostle / Peter Green

    M-4 Dust My Broom / Katmandu(AL「A Case For The Blues」)

    M-5 Watch Your Step / Peter Green Splinter Group
    (AL「Peter Green Splinter Group」)

    M-6 Black Magic Woman / Peter Green Splinter Group
    (AL「Reaching The Cold 100」)

  • 2020年9月6日(日) 06時00分 総合


    【Hot Menu Choice】

    M-1 Another State Of Mind / Mooon(AL「Safari」)

    M-2 Trouble / Mooon(AL「Mooon’s Brew」)

    M-3 Cheatin’ On Us / King Kool & His Royal Blues
    (AL「Train Wreck」)

    M-4 Scarlet / The Rolling Stones(AL「山羊の頭のスープ2020」)

    M-5 Baptiste / Paul Weller(AL「On Sunset」)

    M-6 Goodbye Jimmy Reed / Bob Dylan
    (AL「Rough and Rowdy Ways」)