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  • 2021年11月2日(火) 12時20分


    Love Letters/Slide Hampton      
    Letter from Home/John Pizzarelli

    Mog/Kejime Collective  

    Triste/Buddy Defranco
    Confirmation/Charlie Parker
    La ronde suite/MJQ
    Seven Golden Men/Kenny Clarke, Francy Boland Big Band 
    Broadway/Dexter Gordon
    I’m All Smiles/Francy Boland
    My Foolish Heart/Carmen McRae

    Namely You/佐藤達哉

    work work work/Atak         

    【神戸ジャズフォニック的 歌もの語り】

    They Didn’t Believe Me/Champian Fulton With David Berger 0
    This Is Always/Champian Fulton With David Berger            
    The Gypsy/Champian Fulton With David Berger              
    Just One Of Those Things/Champian Fulton With David Berger                 

    Laura/Clifford Brown             
    Moonlight Serenade/Glen Miller
    Don’t Explain/Abbey Lincoln