• いますぐラジオ関西を聴く


  • 2021年12月27日(月) 09時25分 曲目


    Silence in New Orleans/Relax α Wave
    Angel Face/Bill Evans &Jim hall
    Smile/Kobe Jazz Phonic Radio
    81st street/Gato Barbieri
    Cocktail Piece 2/Don Cherry
    El Parana/Gato Barbieri
    Straight Into the Sunrise/Gato Barbieri
    Someday my prince will come /Gato Barbieri
    Waltz for Debby/Monica Zetterlund & Bill Evans

    Let It Snow/Frank Sinatra
    Jump Start/上原ひろみ

    Hold Tight/Sidney Bechet
    My Ship/Jonny Hartman

    Scrapple from the Apple/Dexter Gordon

    【神戸ジャズフォニック的 歌もの語り】
    Santa Claus is Coming to Town/Ray Brown trio with Diana Krall
    White Christmas/Norah Jones
    Give Love on Christmas day/Ledesi
    The Christmas song/Nat King Cole
    Prelude to a Kiss/Jesse Van Ruller