• いますぐラジオ関西を聴く


  • 2022年6月18日(土) 15時56分 曲目


    Sing, Sing, Sing/GRP All-Star Big Band                
    It Don’t Mean a Thing/Carmen MacRae&Betty Carter                
    Giant Steps/鈴木鈴勘                

    Through the Fire/Miki Hirose Jazz Orchestra                            

    West End Blues/Louis Armstrong                
    Swing That Music/Louis Armstrong                
    Potato Head Blues/Louis Armstrong         
    On The Sunny Side Of The Street /Louis Armstrong & Sy Oliver        
    Struttin With Some Barbecue/Louis Armstrong    

    Day by day/Ernestin Anderson                           

    In Your Own Sweet Way/Phil Woods                             

    Flor de Organdi/大西順子 feat. 小野リサ                  

    Wiaiting in Vain(まちぼうけ)(Feat,Tea)/RED KIMONO PROJECT                         

    アルトサックス奏者 柏谷淳さん

    America the Beautiful/CHarlie Haden                         
    Lover Come Back to Me/Stan Getz      


    Lady Bird/Charles Mingus                          

    Mode for Joe/Joe Henderson                            

    【ジャズ で拡がる言葉の世界・ジャズフォニック的英語講座】
    But Beautiful/Nancy Wilson                                

    But Beautiful/Freddie Hubbard                  
    But Beautiful/ Tony Bennett & Bile Evans                           

    You Got It/Count Basie              

    I Want to Talk About You/John Coltrane                         
    I Want to Talk About You/Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass                        

    La Lus/嶋本高之