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  • 2018年9月30日(日) 06時00分 総合


    【Mania’s Gold Disc】

    ☆AL「The Hundredweight」CWT

    M-1 Take It Slow / CWT

    M-2 Steam Roller / CWT

    ☆AL「In Frustration I Hear Singing」

    M-3 Take A Jet / Mephistopheles

    M-4 The Cricket Song / Mephistopheles


    M-5 I Admire / Influence

    M-6 Mad Birds Of Prey / Influence

  • 2018年9月23日(日) 06時00分


    【Special Garden】☆The Deviants

    M-1 First Line / The Deviants(AL「The Deviants3」)

    M-2 Trouble Coming Every Day / Mick Farren
    (AL「Vampires Stole My Lunch Money」)

    M-3 Eating Jello With A Heated Fork / The Deviants
    (AL「Barbarian Princes Live In Japan 1999」)

    ☆Pink Fairies

    M-4 The Snake / Pink Fairies
    (AL「Up The Pinks An Introduction to Pink Fairies」)

    M-5 Planet 39 / Twink(AL「Think PinkⅢ」)

    M-6 Whipping Boy / Pink Fairies(AL「Resident Reptiles」)

  • 2018年9月16日(日) 19時22分 総合


    【Hot Menu Choice】

    M-1 Faith, Hope & Luv / Enuff Z Nuff(AL「Diamond Boy」)

    M-2 Hunt You Down~Naked~C-Link / Paul McCartney
    (AL「Egypt Station」)

    M-3 Riot On The Strip / James Williamson & The Pink Hearts
    (AL「Behind The Shade」)

    M-4 Lost In Time / American Tears(AL「Hard Core」)

    M-5 Master Of Universe / Nick Turner(AL「Life In Space」)

  • 2018年9月9日(日) 18時24分 総合


    【Special Garden】Liveアルバム2連発!!

    ♪Album「Free Spirit」Paul Rodgers

    M-1 Little Bit Of Love / Paul Rodgers

    M-2 The Stealer / Paul Rodgers

    M-3 All Right Now / Paul Rodgers

    ♪Album「Live at Hammersmith」The Darkness

    M-4 Black Shuck / The Darkness

    M-5 Makin’ Out / The Darkness

    M-6 I Believe In A Thing Called Love / The Darkness

  • 2018年9月2日(日) 20時52分 総合


    【Hot Menu Choice】

    M-1 Pay to Play / Mick’s Jaguar

    M-2 The Real Boss / Mick’s Jaguar
    (M-1&2 AL「Fame and Fortune」)

    M-3 I’ll Do Happiness / Joe Perry(AL「Sweetzerland Manifesto」)

    M-4 Muswell Kills / Ray Davies(AL「Our Country Americana ActⅡ」)

    M-5 To Love / Matthews Southern Confort(AL「Like a Radio」)

    M-6 California Man / Ryan Roxie(AL「Imagine Your Reality」)